In the Beginning…

18 Oct

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New year, new place

27 Jan

To start off this post, I will start with showing how much I got done off of last year’s list of New Year’s Resolutions!
1) CRAFTING goals
◦Knit at least ONE adult sized sweater
SOOO I haven’t finished it yet, but I AM working on one! :)
◦Knit one dress/super long shirt (I have about 4 in mind..)
If you count my baby dress, I did it!
◦Knit my first pair of socks!!
1/2 finished. Almost..
◦Attend the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival!
Although I REALLY tried to go, it just didn’t work out last year. Maybe this year?
◦TRY to decrease the size of my yarn stash
HAHAHHA I can’t believe this was a goal.. I think it’s doubled..

◦Do not fail any classes
I failed this goal….
◦Get an interior design internship(hopefully paid..)
Didn’t happen, but definitely will this year!

3)FAMILY goals
◦Adopt a great dane
My Nali girl:
◦Visit as much as possible!
Always <3

4)PERSONAL goals
◦Eat healthier
Again I say, HAHHAHA
◦Fix my car?
I actually got a NEW (used) car.

SO over all, I probably finished about half of what I wanted to accomplish in 2013. But that’s okay, because A LOT happened! Adopting a dog, buying a car, moving out on my own again.. and that’s just the biggest things that happened. Wow.

Now I will recap my favorite projects of this past year:


This will always be a favorite baby hat of mine, I think I could knit it again and again. I have done a few of them this past year for random customers, they all turn out beautifully.

Halloween hoodlet2

This hoodlet belongs on here again! I am still in love with it. I had to send it away to the customer who ordered it, but it is the best thing I’ve made to date.

AND last but not least, this is the infamous sweater that I am taking FOREVER to finish:

And then, I have too many things on my needles laying around everywhere to even count them all.. you can count on that being one of my resolutions for this year!! But I need to get the sweater done before I start/finish anything else! And I have a new cute idea for my etsy shop, since I am really getting tired of doing custom knits for people. >:) Evil plans in the making.. hehehe

Until next time,


24 Sep

Finished my little girl’s Party Dress! 


I’m in love with how it turned out, but I would like a even softer yarn for the top when I do the other dress. 

And a picture of my big girl <3


It’s been a while

26 Jun

p>Wow, how time flies! I have not been posting for a while, yet it seems like I just did my previous post.. Anyway.
I have more FO’s to show off ;)
First off, here is a baby hat I have just recently finished for a customer.
The husband contacted me wanting a wrestling-themed hat for their newborn announcements. I loved this idea!! I had so much fun with it. I made the base of the hat from a mouse hat pattern I found and made up the mask myself. I think it turned out really well! This is my second favorite project I have done, following the woodland caplet I made last year.

I've made little progress on my cowboy cowl. Or maybe I just think it's little because it's taking so long.. I seem to be close to finishing it. I have also started a cute tutu dress that looks to be turning out well.

I also went on a yarn shop hop recently. LOVE. I spoiled myself rotten with all the yarn and goodies I bought. HEHE :)


23 Apr

Here, in near-end April, it is snowing. It’s actually a blizzard out there. All I can think is, Come on, I just want to be able to sit outside in the sun and knit! ~Sigh~ Spring has to come eventually, right?

Anyway, an update on what’s on my needles…. I seem to be accumulating things. I feel very ADHD when it comes to knitting. Really. I have 6 projects going. SIX!

Why do I do this to myself? I get bored easily, that’s why! I am almost finished with the cowl part of the Cowboy Cowl pattern that I am doing for a little contest:


I have kind of given up on a crochet scarf (treenah) that I talked about last time.. Crochet may be a great get away from knitting, but knitting is my true love. I also have a half finished cap earwarmer and the very start of a baby sweater in a drawer that I don’t want to open. Why don’t I want to finish these things? I have no answer for you there. I think I need to sit down, suck it up, and finish them!

So, with all of these things going on, I would naturally sit and finish them like I say, right?


I start on my first pair of socks!


This yarn has been in my stash for almost a year, calling out my name. The other day I decided I couldn’t take it anymore,  I just needed to use it. I love the self patterning yarn. And I wanted my very first pair of socks to look kind of goofy, so this yarn was chosen a while ago. LOVING KNITTING SOCKS. I definitely should have knit them sooner ;)

Finals and Knitting

21 Mar

With this quarter finishing up and one more final left, I have the confidence that I’ve done well; My 3D Design class was the craziest and yet I made it through it!! :) Here are the pictures of what I’ve created::



There were 9 things we had to build in all, and these are three of them(technically four since the thing inside the concrete block was due the week before). I am VERY glad to be done with this class! With a very good grade, I might add. Although this class was crazy, it made me think in very different ways and got me to build things without any glue like connections.

In other news, I am currently working on the popular Cowboy Cowl.


If this turns out as wonderful as this photo, I am planning on entering it in the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival! Here’s to hoping. :)

I am also working on my crochet skills with this beauty:


The pattern is On ravelry and it looks like a  good beginner pattern. So far, so good!

See ya next time, knitters! 

Insane with a Dane.

1 Mar

SO.. I finally got a puppy Great Dane! :) Her name is Nali and she’s only about 3 1/2 months old and mostly white.


NO, she’s not blind and/or deaf. I’ve read a lot of places that most great danes that are this white are at least of the two, but mine surprisingly isn’t. I will love her forever, no matter her condition. :)

Not a whole lot going on in the knitting world, between my puppy, schooling, and work I have very little time. But I an trying to get a cinnamon scone cowl done for my mother and then I would like to start on a dog sweater for my dane.

Oh, I also have a baby sweater on the needles that isn’t going very fast.. I think we all have a project like that though.. ?

(XOX) until next time




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